ADVENTure Day 10-Kandierte Mandeln

Candied Almonds - Ancora Arte
Candied almonds Ancora Arte

This was not planned, but I am so enthusiastic about this recipe that I have to share it immediately!

I found the Blog “Fructopia” very soon after I found out about my fructose malabsorption. This blog has helped me in so many ways. Deniz writing inspired me to see fructose malabsorption s a positive thing in my life. She has a way of making cooking fructose-free fun (oh, what an alliteration 😉 ).

Anyways: I am a big chocolate admirer. But I am pretty sure that this recipe from Fructopia will become my new favourite holiday dessert. It is fast, easy and incredibly yummy! Candied almonds are sweet and filling. They really remindme of christmas markets and drinking punch.

So here it is: Fructopia´s candied almonds!
A little disclaimer: I used about 100g of glucose (I like it sweet 😉) and I didn´t have any vanilla at home, so I only used cinnamon.


Candied almonds Ancora Arte